My Current Beauty Favourites

Current Makeup Favourites - 11.04.17

It has been about 4 months since I bought ANY new makeup. For a makeup addict like myself I’ve got to get an award for that! The one good side of being on a makeup buying hiatus is that I’ve fallen in love with some products in my makeup collection all over again. When we constantly buy new makeup products in the quest to buy ‘the next best thing’ it makes us forget about & neglect the products we already have & that we know we love.

So let’s take a look at my current beauty favourites:

Zoeva Smokey eye shadow palette So I am a BIG fan of the smokey eye. It does something to your confidence that an everyday eye look just cannot do! So when I saw this palette online I just had to buy it. Since then, I have been using this palette almost every day for the past two months because it is so versatile! It’s great for creating a range of different smokey eye looks because of the variety of tones & colours that are contained within the palette. I do however also use the lighter shades in this palette for an everyday eye-look so you can absolutely use it everyday and not just when you feel like being a sexy vixen! The shadows are so pigmented while also being creamy & easily blend-able. If you love a good smokey eye that’s a little different to the traditional ‘smokey grey’ give this palette a shot.

EOS peppermint lip balm I remember when EOS first hit the beauty market & blew it up, that I just couldn’t understand how a lip balm could deserve THAT much hype. But, I’ll admit it, I was wrong. They’re fab! I have always loved lip products that make your lips tingle & that is exactly what this product does – it feels great! Not only does it make my lips go on a tingle-fest, it also leaves them feeling so soft. They are a little on the pricey side for a lip balm in my opinion (especially in South Africa) but this one has really lasted so I don’t mind paying a little extra – especially when it makes my lips feel THIS good.

NYX Liquid Suede lipstick in Soft Spoken I have been on the hunt for the perfect formula of liquid lipstick for quite some time & I have found it in this product. I have a few different formulas of liquid lipsticks from NYX but the Liquid Suede’s have got to be the best. They are so pigmented and go on beautifully – but the most important part? They won’t make your lips feel like the Sahara desert after they’ve dried. (Hallelujah!) This particular colour is very similar to the famous ‘Kylie Jenner’ favourite Spice from MAC so if you love a dark nude like me then this is a purchase that you must make!

Topshop GLOW highlighter in Gleam First let me note that I do not like the packaging of this product. Yes it looks very pretty & cute but when you’re a woman with long nails –  you just cannot get your finger in this jar! That aside – this product is looks beautiful. I’m not usually one for liquid or cream highlighters because every one that I have tried seems to take off my foundation & leave the tops of my cheeks looking streaky. This little beauty however, doesn’t do that. It’s a gorgeous shade of bronzed gold which looks especially beautiful in the summer months with a little bit of a tan. This is one of those highlighters that has my boyfriend saying ‘check out that glow!’ – and that ladies, is when you know its good! (haven’t I taught him well)

Vichy Dermablend foundation in shade 25 Nude This is by no means a new product for me – I think I’m on my 3rd tube of this foundation. I did however forget about it and let it gather some dust for a little while. That is until about a month ago when I pulled it out of the depths and used it one morning only to say out loud “Why did I stop using this?!” This foundation is beautiful! If you love a full coverage without it feeling heavy or looking cakey on the skin then you absolutely MUST try this foundation. It’s also perfect for a dry-skin girl like myself because it gives your skin a bit of a dewy finish. I would, however, recommend that you set this foundation with powder (I love to set it with the matching Vichy translucent powder) as it can start to move a little by mid-day if you don’t. The only problem is – when I run out of this can I buy it in South Africa?! I bought this back in the UK & I have only seen the Vichy skin care range here, not the make up. Anyone who know’s the answer please let me know – I’m a girl in desperation!

Bare Minerals Illuminating Mineral Veil – I love a bright under-eye (like many ladies out there) and since discovering this product my under-eyes have been ever so bright & glowy. I purchased this product when looking for a slightly cheaper alternative to the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Under Eye Powder & honestly I don’t feel the need to go out & buy the Laura Mercier one now. I did also try this as a setting powder for my entire face but it made me look a little glittery & I wasn’t such a fan. For the under-eye, however, it’s beautiful! It’s a very light peachy-pink shade with very fine shimmers & glitters (don’t be put off by the word glitter) and it is a great setting powder for your concealer to keep it in place & leave you looking like you had a good nights sleep!

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