My Handbag Essentials

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I am one of those women that loves to know what another woman carries around in her bag as it so reflective of our personalities & no two women carry around the exact same things. Laying out the contents of my handbag has made me realise that I’m really quite a boring person who is clearly obsessed with good dental hygiene. So let’s take a look at what I love to carry around with me on a daily basis.

My Purse This Michael Kors purse was a gift from my darling mother & it is positively beautiful. Our mothers always know us the best & she picked this one up for me in the perfect oxblood colour. I always recommend getting a real leather purse if you can because they just last so much longer – especially with all the abuse that our purses tend to get on the daily. This one is also pretty big in size which is an absolute necessity if you carry around as many loyalty cards as I do!

Chewing gum & toothpicks I am obsessed with fresh smelling breath & clean teeth so I just cannot leave the house without either of these two things. Lately I’ve been buying Orbit’s professional white chewing gum because it tastes great, although I haven’t noticed any changes in the shade of my teeth but I wouldn’t really expect chewing gum to give me that blinding Hollywood smile anyway. I also love to eat out quite a lot & having food stuck in your teeth is NEVER a good look so these little wooden toothpicks from Superdrug (bought in Ireland) are great & they come in a handy little travel container too.

Perfume Like most ladies out there I always want to smell good so carrying a perfume with me is always a must so that I can top it up between meetings or get togethers. I am currently carrying around Armani Diamonds Violet. I am obsessed with the original Armani Diamonds so when this new version came out I had to buy it – it smells amazing! It is described as a ‘delicious, floral-fruity gourmand’ and that is exactly what it smells like. I always go for sweet, soft & feminine smelling perfumes & Violet encapsulates all of those elements that I love. It is also a long-lasting perfume so I haven’t felt the need to re-spray as often as I do with some of my other perfumes – a must for a busy lady!

Sunglasses When you live in a sunny country like I do then sunglasses are something that you just cannot forget unless you do not wish to be able to see the world around you. The little beauties that I am currently wearing are a Lacoste bargain that I picked up from TK Maxx when I was at home for Christmas (£25 instead of £110 kind of bargain!). I have a small face with delicate facial features so I find that black sunglasses look too harsh on me which makes these brown sunnies perfect! The lenses also have a great fade which I find makes for a very chic look & not to mention the black & white stripes on the inside of the legs are a cool little addition – well done Lacoste, well done! (And an even bigger well done to TK Maxx for your fantastic bargains!)

Tissues I’m not going to talk about tissues because I think I will put all of you to sleep but when you are an allergy sufferer like me these are ESSENTIAL. You can buy a 10 pack of these girly ones from Clicks for an absolute bargain of R21.95!

Lip products The lip products that I carry in my bag change from day-to-day but you will usually always find a lipstick, lip liner & a lip balm in there. (Unless I forget to take them out every day & I end up with 10 lip products in there instead. Does this happen to anyone else?!) At the moment I’m carrying around Nivea’s lip butter in Coconut. It isn’t the most moisturising lip balm I’ve ever tried  but it’s still pretty good and it smells absolutely divine – I mean, who doesn’t love coconut?! Today’s lip combo was Mac’s Velvet Teddy lipstick & Spice lip liner which are two lip products that are found in my handbag quite often as it is one of my go-to lip combos.  These two lip products together make an absolutely fantastic combination if you’re like me & you love a brownish nude.

Daily Planner I am a freak when it comes to organisation so it’s important that I carry around this planner to jot down any meetings or appointments and to keep my life planned & in order.  This beautiful daily planner was a purchase from Typo – they have the best selection of planners & diaries so if you’re on the hunt for one definitely pop in there! This planner gives me enough room to plan my to-do list & my goals for each day which I then work through & tick off as I complete/achieve them. I started using a planner religiously this year & it has truly been one of the best things I’ve started doing as I utilise my time better & I get SO much more done in the day. Setting goals & to-do lists is one thing but when you have them written down & you are constantly looking at them,  it just makes you work that bit harder to make sure you achieve more!

I know that the contents of my bag are really quite simple but these are just the handbag essentials of an everyday woman. I hope you enjoyed!


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