The Products I can Trust


We all have those products that we can always rely on to be exceptional & to do exactly what we want them to. While I love to try products that are new to the market (like most beauty bloggers out there) I also firmly believe in showing those all time favourites some love now & again. Today’s post is all about the products that I can always trust to do a good job & why I always come back to them time & time again.

The Makeup


Mac Lipsticks I won’t go into too much detail because I have a post on my favourite MAC lipsticks shades here but MAC lipsticks will always be my favourite. I have lipsticks from many brands but I find that I reach for my MAC lipsticks the most as they are easy to wear, they are long-lasting, the shades are beautiful & the formula is dreamy.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation This is said to be the number one foundation worldwide & when I first bought this foundation about 4 years ago I completely understood why. When I need my foundation to stay on the entire day this is the most reliable product I own – it just does not budge! Being a dry skin girl I do like to add a little extra moisturiser before applying this foundation for a smooth application & finish. I wear the shade Fresco & as this foundation doesn’t have a pump I use the MAC foundation pumps to make things that little bit easier.

Mac Fix + Once I started using this product I was completely hooked & I just cannot live without it. Fix + is a multi-purpose product but my favourite ways to use it are either underneath or on top of my foundation. Under foundation it provides my skin with an extra blast of moisture that makes my foundation go on beautifully while spraying it onto my skin after my makeup is finished removes any powdery finishes & makes my skin look glowy.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer This concealer is my holy grail! It’s of a light consistency but has great coverage. I always opt for the lightest shade which is shade 1 Fair because it’s light enough to really brighten my under eye without looking like a clown. I have several back ups of this because unfortunately they don’t carry it in South Africa & I just cannot live without it!

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter If you love a highlight that POPS & you haven’t tried this…where have you been?! This highlighter is just the bomb & I find myself reaching for it most days as I know it will always give me that great highlight. It’s a light goldish shade & it matches perfectly with any makeup look. If you told me that I had to bin all of my other highlighters & just keep this one I’d still be happy – It’s that good!

The hair & body products


Batiste Dry Shampoo Batiste offer many different scented dry shampoos but I always buy the Tropical one again & again as it smells absolutely delightful. I am not one of those girls that likes to wash my hair every day because frankly it’s just too much effort. Instead I like to wash my hair 2-3 times per week & use dry shampoo in between if I need to. (trust me, it’s much healthier for your hair as it stops the natural oils being stripped away) This product is so great for refreshing your hair in between washes & making it look freshly washed again. It’s also great as a styling product on its own to give you a little body & root lift & I do actually use it just for this purpose sometimes too.

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam (Dark) & Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tanning Dry-Oil I am an avid fake tanner & I have been for years as I just feel so much better when I have a tan. I have tried many different tanning brands on the market & this brand has been my absolute favourite for the last few years. The self tanning foam is incredibly easy to apply (with a tanning mit) as it has a guide colour so that you can prevent any ugly streaks from appearing once it is fully developed. It takes about 6 hours to fully develop and by the end I’m many shades darker & a whole lot healthier looking. The dry-oil was a later addition to my Bondi Sands love & it too found a place in my heart. This product takes a little longer to get to grips with as it doesn’t have a guide colour so it’s important that you take your time applying it to avoid streaks. It takes about 12 hours to develop & gives a lighter more natural colour than the dark foam. However, you can get dressed straight away after applying the oil as it doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky & it also won’t transfer onto your clothes. I love both of those products & I alternate between the two depending on whether I want a super dark tan fast or a slightly lighter tan that lasts that little bit longer. And did I mention that Bondi Sands products all smell like coconut? Delightful!

What are your most trusted products?



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