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I was introduced to Nu Skin in April by a good friend of mine who raved about the brand so I decided that I would try some of their products to see what the fuss was about & holy heck, I’m impressed! Nu Skin are a direct selling company who offer a wide range of products from Anti-ageing skincare to supplements to whitening toothpaste & they have prices that range from extremely affordable to a little more on the pricey side so there really is something for everyone. I placed an order with them and within about 4 days my products were at my door – that’s not bad by South African delivery standards! 

I have been using these products for about a month because I wanted to be able to give you mini reviews on each of the products as well rather than just telling you all what I bought. So let’s get started!


Hand Lotion 

I have never been good at applying hand lotion. It’s one of those things that I just always seem to forget about. Winter in South Africa is something completely different to winter in Ireland & my skin has been suffering a level of dryness I’ve never experienced before – including the skin on my hands. I hate it when a hand cream leaves my hands greasy & unable to do anything for 10 minutes but this hand cream absorbs almost instantly & leaves my hands soft & hydrated without leaving any greasy residue behind afterwards. It also comes in a large 125ml tube which means that this baby will be lasting me throughout the winter period!


NaPCA Moisture Mist

I bought this product so that I could give my skin needed a moisture boosts throughout the day & also because it is an incredibly affordable product. After using this product I have quickly fallen in love with it. This product claims to:

Increase moisture level, protect against damaging effect of environmental influences & is a static-fighter for your hair

I haven’t tried this to fight static for my hair as thankfully it isn’t something that I have to deal with so I cannot give you my verdict on that. I have however used this product both on it’s own in the morning & I have also used it post-moisturiser & throughout the day for an extra blast of moisture. This is a light moisturiser so is great for oily skins however if you’re a dry skin girl I don’t think it’s heavy enough to wear on it’s own but it’s perfect for keeping you hydrated throughout the day. It also contains hyaluronic acid which is fantastic for helping to bind moisture to your skin for long-lasting hydration. I know I’ll be taking this with me on my flight to Italy next month to keep that horrid dry air from drying out my skin & I’ll also be using it while on holiday to keep in the fridge & spritz throughout the day. For the R100 or so Rand I paid for it – it’s an absolute hand-bag essential!


Moisture Restore Day Protective Lotion – Normal to Dry Skin

Honestly, when this moisturiser arrived I was surprised at how small the bottle was & I then had a further surprise when I applied the product for the first time. When I pumped a full pump onto the palm of my hand I thought that I would need an extra pump to cover my face with adequate moisture. However, this product spreads easily & effortlessly & I was able to cover my face effortlessly which was a happy surprise. I am the girl to test the power of any moisturiser & I was delighted to find that this moisturiser left my skin hydrated all day without feeling heavy or greasy & without getting oily later in the day. A great purchase!


Polishing Peel Skin Refinisher 

This product is so unique & I have never tried a product anything like this one before! Nu Skin claim that this product is:

‘Clinically proven to be equivalent to a professional microdermabrasion session, Polishing Peel features Pumpkin Enzymes to resurface, soften and polish the skin and Bentonite Clay to remove dull skin cells and toxins.’

So I have never been for a microdermabrasion but I love the results of this product. You apply it on dry skin & leave it for approximately 30 seconds before massaging your skin until the product gathers into little ‘shavings’. It feels very strange at first but once you’re finished & you’ve washed off the excess your skin will feel so soft & will have a pretty glow. If you have sensitive skin I worry it may be a little too much because of the rubbing motion but for everyone else I absolutely recommend this as a twice a week treatment to get rid of all those old skin cells & to make your skin glow like crazy. Not to mention it’s a fun treatment to do!


Rejuvenating Cream 

Nu Skin have several different moisturisers to choose from so I found it difficult to decide which one I wanted as my night cream but I decided on this little beauty as it’s description sounded pretty impressive:

 ‘Drenches skin in soothing moisture–improving its moisture-binding capability with the hydrating powers of hyaluronic acid and helping prevent water loss. Daily use not only restores moisture, it helps keep dryness from returning.’

You guys will know I am always rattling on about my dry skin so any product that can keep dryness from returning is one I am going to try. I was obsessed with The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream before I tried this but now it has been replaced with this little beauty. This cream feels so light but leaves my skin looking & feeling incredibly moisturised. It just makes my skin look so healthy & my skin still feels hydrated the next morning. If, like me, your skin needs moisture but breaks out when a moisturiser is too heavy, this is an absolute god-send. This is most definitely a new holy grail & I’m not surprised this is one of Nu Skin’s most popular products!


Pharmanex Tegreen 97 Capsules

I know this doesn’t count as skincare but I wanted to talk about it in this post anyway. I am so bad at taking supplements. I know I should take them daily but honestly, I just never remember. Green tea is well known across the world for having immense health benefits & for a while I was trying my best to drink it every day. The problem was, I’m not the biggest fan of the taste & I’d much rather have a cup of regular English tea. Then I discovered these Tegreen capsules. Within each capsule (which is taken daily) is the equivalent of 7 cups of green tea! I know it’s cheating but it’s an affordable & very easy way to cheat so i’ll take it! Green tea helps with bloating & around my time of the month I bloat like crazy but these little beauties have reduced my bloating drastically. I have also felt so much better since I added these into my daily routine & my energy levels have improved. A little tip from me – If, like me, you’re not very good at remembering to take supplements pop them into your handbag & you’ll never forget to take them!

If you’d like to get 35% off all Nu Skin products just get in touch with me & I’ll hook a girl up!



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