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Being a blogger who writes mostly about beauty, my makeup collection is perhaps slightly larger than the average person. However, I am by no means a hoarder & I like to think I’m pretty good at keeping my makeup addiction under control, using up products & keeping my purchasing to a minimum.
I have always loved looking at people’s makeup collections to see what they have & how they store it. Beautifully presented makeup just makes me happy. So I thought why not show you exactly what makeup I have?

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To be honest I am not completely happy with how my makeup is stored. My partner and I weren’t planning on staying long at this property but we ended up staying longer than expected & I just never got around to buying makeup drawers. But when we move I’ll give you all a storage update that is hopefully a lot prettier than my current one.

You’ll have seen this little corner of my room many times in my photos but you won’t quite have seen it like this before. This is my ‘getting ready’ corner. On the left hand side you’ll see my handheld mirror & 2 jars full of brushes (90% of which are Real Techniques – check out my Best of Real Techniques post) On the other side I’ve added some girly decorations to add a little bit more excitement to my vanity corner.


The long white drawer is where I keep all of my hair stuff but the brown set of drawers underneath is where my makeup is kept! I’ll admit, before I start applying my makeup I always take out the products that I’ll be using & then I sit my bum on these drawers to do my makeup – can you tell that this was a thrown together makeup area?

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In each of my two makeup drawers I have acrylic containers to keep my makeup organised & pretty. Acrylic containers are my container of choice because I can see all of my products at one time & they’re also easy to clean. Although, the only negative is that they do show up all of the makeup marks!

I bought the acrylic container you see in the above photo from B&M (believe it or not) and is stored in my top makeup drawer along with my eye shadow palettes. This container is generally full of the products that I use on my face first (apart from the lipsticks, but I have so many that I couldn’t fit them into the one container!)


At the very back I keep my face primers, which I have successfully whittled down to just two. TWO! (any recommendations for great primers are welcome.) I also keep my MAC Fix + back there to use before and/or after I finish my makeup. In the next compartment I keep all of my foundations, of which I only have 6, as well as my travel sized MAC strobe cream for that glow from within & The Body Shop Darkening Drops in case I have a bit of a tan & need to darken any of my foundations.


In front of my foundations you’ll find all of my drugstore lipsticks which are predominantly Rimmel lipsticks (read my Best of Rimmel Lipsticks post) but there are also lipsticks from L’oreal, Ted Baker & Barry M back there too. I love that these acrylic containers have specific spots for my lipsticks – it makes my lipsticks look so neat & tidy which will always get a BIG thumbs up from me!


Moving over to the other side of this container; I keep all of my eyeliners right at the back. I really don’t like to keep a lot of eyeliners because I just don’t see the need as I only ever use black or brown & it takes me forever & a day just to use up one eyeliner. That is why I only have 3 eyeliner pencils & 1 liquid eyeliner pen!
I also keep my mascaras back here & again its the same story – I never have more than 2 at a time – a waterproof & a non-waterproof one! You’ll also find my concealers next to my two tubes of mascara & in front of that are my bronzers & contour powders from Barry M, Sleek & Bourjois as well as my setting powders from MAC, Vichy & Bare Minerals. The two little pots you see there are samples of the Ben Nye powders in light pink & white because I wanted to try them before I bought the big-ass container that they normally come in. (Although Makeup Revolution have since released a white Bake & Finish powder so I think I’ll get that instead for 1/4 of the price!)


Moving onto the second drawer of my makeup storage you’ll find two acrylic containers this time. The one in the above photo is the same container from B&M that you already saw but this one is the home of all my favourite kinds of products!

At the very back left side, although you can’t really see them, I keep all of my individual eye shadows. I don’t have lots of them, probably about 10 or so, as I prefer eye shadows in palette form. In front of that are all of my Makeup Revolution Blush Palettes (can you tell I’m a fan?) They fit so perfectly in this little spot & I still have room for one more if I want to buy another. Highly, highly recommend getting yourself a couple of these palettes!


In front of my blush palettes you’ll find all of my MAC lipsticks as well as one lonely little Dior lipstick.  Don’t MAC lipsticks look so pretty side-by-side?! You can read about my favourites on my Favourite MAC Lipsticks post!


To the right of my MAC lippies you’ll find my highlighters as well as any blushes I have that aren’t in palette form.  This little section includes highlighters & blushes from brands like MUA, Makeup Revolution, Topshop, Dior, The Balm & Sleek. I’m not completely happy with this little section because I’d love to be able to lay all of my highlighters side by side for easy access but unfortunately they won’t fit!


Behind my highlighters you’ll find my lip liners. I like to separate them by brand so that I can easily find what I’m looking for. At the front you’ll see all of my MAC lip liners. I keep these at the front because they’re my most reached for liners. The formula is amazing – creamy, pigmented & lasts well on the lips. Next to that are some thick liners that I bought from Ebay (you can find them here) They’re not my favourite because they can dry out my lips from time to time but I do like the shades & generally they’re not bad when paired with a lip balm or lipstick, so they can hang around for now. Behind these I also have my drugstore liners, of which there are only a few from L.A girl, Rimmel, Maybelline & L.A Girl. I’d love some recommendations for great drugstore lip liners if you have any!


Last but not least we move onto my last acrylic container. This one is from Clicks and is a lot smaller than my other containers but it’s perfect for storing 16 lipsticks at one time. This container houses all of my liquid lipsticks & glosses perfectly as well as my Christian Louboutin lipstick. My Louboutin lipstick takes pride of place in my makeup collection as it was a gift from my wonderful boyfriend & because it’s my own little piece of luxury. I’m not one for keeping packaging normally, but I just had to keep this lipstick in its box. I mean, look how gorgeous!
On the right you’ll see all of my liquid lipsticks & glosses. I have 13 liquid lipsticks in total from Sleek, NYX & Bourjois as well as my 5 mini liquid lipsticks from The Balm (which you can’t see in the photo). I also keep my lip glosses in this container but you can tell I’m not a massive lip gloss wearer from the fact that I only own two, total!

So that’s it folks! My whole entire makeup collection. You may or may not agree but I do think it’s pretty small for a beauty blogger but I like it that way because nothing gets neglected & things rarely go off before I’ve used them up! How big is your makeup collection? 


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