| 5 Foundations You Need To Buy|

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As a beauty-lover I am always on the hunt for the next perfect foundation that will make my skin look as flawless as possible. But with so many options out there it can feel a little overwhelming. Over the years I’ve tried countless foundations from inexpensive to high-end & I’ve found a few solid favourites along the way. Here is my list of the 5 foundations that you must buy: 

Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation 
I have used this foundation for years & have mentioned it on here a couple of times before. Vichy Fluid Corrective Foundation is marketed as a high coverage foundation that is suitable for minor to moderate skin concerns including acne & blemishes, rosacea, vitiligo, tattoos and scars. As it is targeted in this way you can imagine how fantastic the coverage is. When I initially bought this foundation I was a little concerned that it would be incredibly heavy because of how high the coverage is but it is the complete opposite. It’s so incredibly light on the skin & that’s because it is formulated with a 25% pigment concentration (much higher than your average foundation) instead of being a thick consistency. It’s also non-comodogenic so if you suffer from acne or breakouts, it shouldn’t clog your pores & cause additional breakouts. It’s also hypoallergenic so won’t irritate sensitive skin. All in all, if you have skin concerns or if you don’t, this product is fantastic & at £20 it’s more than worth the money!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup
It’s a foundation that has won numerous awards & is famous across the world & for good reason! It’s a foundation that gives great coverage and lasts so well throughout the day – they don’t call it ‘stay-in-place makeup’ for no reason! If I’m going to an event & need my makeup to stay on the entire day without going patchy or wearing off, this is the foundation I’ll always choose because it never lets me down. It also comes in a whopping 36 shades & caters to women of colour. A big plus in my books! A word of warning however to my dry-skinned ladies out there – if you use this foundation it’s important to moisturise your skin well beforehand for a smooth finish & to avoid it clinging to any dry patches.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover
This foundation is a similar concept to the Vichy foundation in that it’s packed full of coverage and can be used to conceal scars, acne, birthmarks, sun spots and varicose veins. I personally don’t need foundation to cover these things, but I do love a high coverage foundation & that is exactly what the Maximum Cover offers. It’s incredibly light for such a high coverage foundation and it’s also non-comodogenic so won’t clog your pores. I like to use this foundation on it’s own and I also like to mix it with other foundations to up their coverage. I’ve also seen other lovely ladies using this as a concealer so it’s a versatile product! This foundation isn’t quite as long-lasting as the Double Wear Stay-In-Place foundation so I do recommend that you set this foundation with a powder to avoid transfer and to keep it in place for longer.

Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation
If you follow me on Instagram (you can follow me here if you aren’t yet) you’ll have seen me testing this foundation on my stories for the first time. Honestly, this foundation completely blew me away! I had seen beauty bloggers raving about this foundation & I finally bought into it & they really weren’t wrong. I must say I don’t like the smell of this foundation but when the formula is so good, I can handle it. It has a medium to full coverage (it’s definitely buildable) with an almost matte finish. As a dry-skin girl I’m normally reluctant to pick up matte foundations but the finish of this foundation is beautiful & didn’t look dry on my skin at all. It lasts so well throughout the day & looks just as good when I go to take my makeup off as it did when I first applied it – I just can’t believe that its a $5 foundation! In South Africa you can pick it up at your local Clicks store but if you’re in the UK it’s a little harder to get a hold of. I found it on Amazon & I really recommend that you pick one up for yourself. It’s my best beauty find of 2018 so far!

L.A Girl Pro Coverage Foundation
I bought this foundation after the beauty community was raving about it and claiming that it was a dupe for the infamous Makeup Forever HD Foundation – Of course I had to try it too. This foundation is so lightweight yet offers high coverage with a beautiful dewy finish. It looks absolutely gorgeous on the skin & leaves me looking dewy & healthy. Although it can move around on your face if you don’t set it so I recommend using a powder to set your foundation to avoid this. L.A girl is such an affordable brand and this foundation is no different – the value for money is unbelievable! I picked up the shade Natural but it’s a little dark for me so I’ll be purchasing a shade down next time!

You may spot in the picture that there is a 6th bottle (the very first one) & notice that it is clearly a lot darker than my foundation shades. I wanted to include it in this post because I think that it’s a fantastic product that you need in your makeup bag:

The Body Shop Darkening Shade Adjusting Drops
This little wonder product, as the name explains, darkens the shade of your foundation. If like me you wear fake tan quite a lot, it’s such a wonderful product. Simply add a drop or two into your current foundation & wallah! it now matches your tan. Not only does this make life easier, it also saves a fortune on having to buy 2 or 3 different shades in a foundation in order to match your skin. The Body Shop also offer lightening drops which will lighten the shade of your foundation if it is too dark for your skin. What a great idea from The Body Shop.

I love discovering new, wonderful foundations so please feel free to leave your personal favourites in the comments. 

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