| Why Women Need To Stick Together |

Allow me to begin with the story behind this post:

I recently found myself in a situation whereby a woman I know made a rude & unnecessary comment about my weight behind my back, in front of a group of people. You may remember my post on my body weight issues in my post Body Image By The Skinny Girl. At one stage in my life it was a very sensitive topic & I had a lot of struggles throughout my childhood, puberty and secondary school. The good news is I grew out of that and learned the art of not giving a f**k about my size because life is just too short.

Now you may ask, if those comments don’t bother you, then why are you writing this post? Because after this happened I realised one thing that actually, deep down, I’ve known for long time – women don’t stick together enough.

I am very open about the fact that I am a feminist. I don’t care what negative connotations that word seems to have among certain groups. I care about making a change for myself and my fellow females & thankfully, in todays day-and-age, we’re starting to see that happening.

While there are many things that have improved for us, like a change in the gender pay gap and more women CEO’s than ever before, we still have a long way to go in our day-to-day lives. What I mean by this is, as women we need to help make the change amongst ourselves. We have to and need to stick together.

Competition is rife among women. It’s built into our very make up. Evolutionary psychology says that it is essential that we compete with other women to protect ourselves from harm and to win the man of our choice. While we may not be able to help our evolutionary adaptions, we cannot use this as an excuse as we most certainly do not need to constantly compete with one another.

If you see a beautiful girl, tell her rather than feel threatened by her. She doesn’t deserve to be brought down & made to feel self-conscious just because you decide to compare yourself to her. Instead of slating a girl for being successful & driven, support her tenacity & her strength because it certainly isn’t an easy journey to try and get to the top. That is what sticking together is. It’s not tearing other girls down. It’s praising them,  lifting them up, motivating them & supporting them.

The comment that was made about me annoyed me. It didn’t upset me. But that comment could have made someone who is less secure feel terrible. It is small comments like that whether it be about race, sexual orientation, religion, occupation or appearance, that can break someone. We never know how anyone feels about themselves, so it is not okay to think we are entitled to say whatever we want because we have ‘freedom of speech’. Think before you speak. Always.

Basically I’m trying to say, be a nice girl. Be a nice girl to yourself & be a nice girl to your fellow females. This world can be ugly enough and we don’t need to be ugly to one another.

Have the niceness of the drunk girl in the bathroom always & the world will be a much better place!


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