| Body Image by The Skinny Girl |


Let’s talk body image. It’s one of those topics that can touch every woman because whether we admit it or not, it has played a big part in our lives growing up. I want to talk about body image from one perspective & one perspective only. It’s the side of body image confidence that we never really hear about because the media has twisted it completely. It’s the side of body image that doesn’t always have a voice & by writing this post I intend to give it a voice – it’s the body image of the ‘skinny’ girl.I hate the word skinny & I always have. For me it has so many negative connotations around it & my insides continue to squirm when I hear it even at the ripe old age of 25, but I’m going to use it for the purpose of this post.

So let me give you a little bit of a background – I’m that skinny girl. I have been very slim my whole life which has a lot to do with a thyroid condition that I was born with (but we’ll not get into that) so I have never been this slim by choice. Now when I say slim I don’t just mean slightly smaller than average – I mean that my legs were minuscule & shockingly tiny. I hated them more than could imagine. Growing up I had serious confidence issues & was so self-conscious about my body. While I am no longer as skinny as I was as a teen, I’m still tiny but I’ve just learnt to accept it & deal with it. But I’ll never forget the things that people called me, the sly comments & the judgemental stares. That is the reason for this blog post – I want to talk about what it’s like to be a skinny girl in today’s society & how harmful it can be.

Now I want to add a little disclaimer here because body image can be a sensitive topic for many: I am in no way undermining those who are overweight or what they go through mentally when it comes to body image. I am simply giving my perspective from someone on the opposite end of the spectrum because it’s something that is rarely talked about.

The media has shaped society’s thinking around weight massively. We’re constantly seeing and reading about celebrities losing & gaining weight featuring unflattering photos & nasty articles. It’s a horrible world & can hurt so many peoples self-esteem. A pattern that you’ll notice if you pay attention, is that according to the media anyone who is too thin MUST have an eating disorder because no one can naturally be that thin. It is this thinking that can be so detrimental to people like me who are naturally  underweight. Throughout my life I had to constantly explain myself when people made comments like ‘you’re so skinny, do you not eat?’, ‘you’re too thin, you need to go eat lots of burgers’ & so on. The problem was that because the media had shaped society in such a way no one could understand that I could possibly be this size if I ate a normal diet.

This is where society is so wrong. As a ‘skinny’ girl I have received as much criticism, as much judgement & as much hurtfulness as someone who is over weight but people struggle to or can’t see or understand that. People assume that we couldn’t possibly understand how a larger person feels but I’ve stood in front of the mirror & cried about how I look, I’ve felt self-conscious in every outfit I tried on and I tried to hide my body because I felt it was ugly. So the reality is that those of us who are very underweight can relate to those who are overweight more than you think.

There has also become an acceptance in society that if someone is too slim, that it’s okay to tell them. You would never go up to an overweight person & say nasty things but if it’s a ‘skinny’ person it’s perfectly fine to do that. I am not saying that overweight people never get horrible comments made at them by lowlifes, I’m just saying that people feel like they have a right to tell someone that they’re too thin because ‘its for their own interest’ or because ‘society says it’s okay’. I’m here to tell you that you have no right to comment on anyone’s weight. Ever.

This may have been a slightly long-winded blog post but I just wanted to create awareness about what you say & how you act towards ‘skinny’ people. We have feelings, we’re sensitive about our size & we feel body issues like anyone else. I didn’t choose to be this size & it’s very, very difficult for me to change it. My challenge to you is that if you don’t already, treat ‘skinny’ people with the same respect as you would anyone else because you have no idea how they feel about themselves. Don’t make comments about their weight. Don’t make them feel inferior, worthless or bad about themselves.  If I ever have a daughter with a similar body shape to mine, I would never want her to feel what I have felt & neither would you.
Basically, be nice & don’t be a dick!


| The Best of Rimmel Lipsticks |


For many of us who have tried a Rimmel lipstick or two it’s not difficult to see why they’re incredibly popular. In recent years I became obsessed with MAC lipsticks & as a result I don’t tend to purchase many drugstore lipsticks as in many cases the formula just doesn’t compare. However I haven’t stopped buying my Rimmel lipsticks as they are just fantastic & in my opinion offer some of the best drugstore lipsticks on the market. 

Rimmel’s formula is in most cases great, offering high pigmentation & longevity while being non-drying. They also have a large shade range & they tend to release new collections that keep up with the ‘it’ shades of the season. From the long list of Rimmel lipsticks that I’ve tried I have come up with a small list of what I deem to be their best of the best lipsticks. Now this list is in no way exhaustive as there are shades that I haven’t tried from their ever-growing range but out of the many that I have tried – the below list contains the shades that I really loved. 

Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss


So let’s start with the Kate Lasting Finish lipsticks. Kate’s collaboration with Rimmel has been incredibly successful & for good reason as she creates beautiful, wearable & unique shades that I am always attracted to.

From this particular range my favourites ended up being the darker, more bold shades not only because of their wearable tones but also because of their long-wearing formula, their moisturising finish & their pigmentation. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I will only reach for a bold lipstick over a nude if it’s easy to wear & hastle free. These lipsticks are perfect for that!

From left to right: 30, 01, 107

Shade 30 – This lipstick is a beautiful plum-berry shade with pink undertones making it extremely easy to wear for most skin tones. When it comes to these kind of colours I can be incredibly fussy but shade 30 is a great berry shade as it is warm toned & isn’t too vampy. It also leaves a semi-matte moisturising finish that doesn’t need a lip balm underneath & that doesn’t dry out making it a great easy to wear lipstick!

Shade 01 – If you’re looking for a classic pillar box red lipstick, then look no further. Shade 01 couldn’t be a more perfect shade of red & for this reason it will go with all skin tones. Like the previous lipstick, shade 01 also has a semi-matte finish that glides on easily & wears easily throughout the day. It really is beautiful!

Shade 107 – This is an unusual shade of red but one that has been given a lot of love from me. I love a deep red but I find that most have brown undertones which don’t tend to suite my complexion. However shade 107 is a deep red with plum undertones that leans slightly more on the vampy side of red while being incredibly easy to wear. It has more of a matte finish than the previous two lipsticks without being drying. A perfect shade for the autumn & winter months!

Lasting Finish by Kate – Nude Collection 


Anyone who has followed my blog for a little while will know that I just love a nude lipstick so this collection was one that I got incredibly excited about when I heard about it. Unfortunately for me most of the lipstick shades in this collection weren’t ones that I would wear as they were either too light or too dark but from the shades that I picked, they certainly didn’t let me down.


Top shade: 45 Bottom Shade: 43

Shade 45 – This is a great ‘my lips but better’ lipstick for me. It is a mid toned pink nude with blue undertones & a semi-matte finish. This particular shade isn’t as pigmented as other Rimmel lipsticks but it’s very easy to build up. This is a great ‘throw on’ lipstick that is easy to wear & will go with all makeup looks.

Shade 43 – This is a lighter shade of nude than I would normally reach for but while it is light, it is also wearable & doesn’t give you ‘concealer lips’. 43 is a warm toned beige lipstick with peachy undertones that looks great on my warm skin-toned ladies. This is a great lipstick to wear with a dark smokey eye or I love to pair it with a slightly darker lip liner (Tiramasu by Rimmel to be exact.)

Lasting Finish Lipsticks 


These are the original Lasting Finish lipsticks & there are many shades available in this range. One thing that I do notice when shopping this range is that there are many metallic shades which I’m just not such a fan of. But the formula, like all Rimmel lipsticks, is creamy & moisturising with great colour pay off.


Shade 077 Asia – This is the perfect dupe for MAC’s Brave lipstick which is one of my all time favourites (which you can tell from the almost finished bullet.) It is the perfect mid toned warm pink nude with slight blue undertones & is one of the most flattering lipsticks I own. It goes with any kind of makeup look, wears really well & is so moisturising. Out of all the lipsticks I have mentioned in this post, I would recommend this one the most.

I’m always on the hunt for new Rimmel lipsticks that I can fall in love with. What are your favourites?  


|Review | The Balm Liquid Lipsticks |


A couple of years ago liquid lipsticks took the makeup world by storm & I for one love them & I know that a lot of my readers are also avid liquid lipstick wearers. However, the hunt to find the perfect formula can be a difficult one so I thought that I’d write a review of The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks (yikes that’s a mouthful!)

I wanted to try these particular liquid lipsticks as soon as I saw them as the Mary-Lou Manizer is my all-time favourite highlighter so I thought that The Balm’s other products had to be good too. The particular shades that I’m reviewing come from the Volume 1 gift set which included 6 miniature shades of the Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipsticks & was a fantastic way for me to try the formula in a variety of colours (however they can also be bought individually in full size.) So let’s get into what I thought:


The Shades
The reason that the Vol.1 gift box jumped out at me was because of the shades. I am a big lover of nude/brownish shades so I felt that I would get a lot of use out of these shades. I was completely right in that regard as I have shown these lipsticks a lot of love since I got my hands on them. The nude shades are the exact kind of nudes that I love – the mid-toned kind that are easy to wear & aren’t so light that they give you the ‘concealer lips’ look that I seriously dislike. Here are the colours swatched on my arm (not very well might I add):

From left to right: Loyal, Dedicated, Charming, Committed, Sincere, Doting

Loyal : A stunning true red. I wore this to death in the Winter months.
Dedicated : A magenta pink. I never wear these kind of shades but I must say that this particular one is incredibly easy to wear.
Charming : The darkest of the 4 nudes & leans on the brownish/burgundy side.
Committed : A pinkish nude. The perfect ‘my lips but better’ shade.
Sincere: A mid-toned rose nude shade in between Charming & Committed
Doting: A very peach nude. This shade unfortunately doesn’t suit me at all so it has been left unloved.

As you can see the shade range is beautiful although you’ll notice that the shades Charming, Committed & Sincere are really quite similar. While this doesn’t bother me as brownish-nudes are favourite my day-to-day shades, it may bother those who like a wider variety of colours. What surprised me the most was the red shade. I found myself reaching for this over all of my other red lipsticks as it’s just so beautiful!

The Formula
This is the part that really makes or breaks a liquid lipstick. There are too many brands out there that make bad formulas that dry, crack & just don’t look cute. The Balm however, have done an excellent job of the Meet Matt(e) Hughes lipsticks as their formula is one of the best I’ve tried. They smell minty & delicious & they apply effortlessly. They’re also very pigmented as I only applied one stroke for the swatches, they dry quickly & they also have streak free finish. In terms of longevity they also last really well without cracking or going dry & that is what ultimately sold me on the formula. I love a low-maintenance lip product & that is exactly what these are as I didn’t feel the need to apply lip balm throughout the day to stop them drying out. They can be a little difficult to take off at the end of the day but if that means they stay on throughout the day, I’ll deal with that!

The Verdict
I absolutely love these liquid lipsticks and I’ll be purchasing a few of them in full size once they run out. I love the scent, I love the colour range (the full range includes 18 shades!) and I love the formula. When I buy a liquid lipstick I want it to be fuss free & The Balm have done an excellent job. I would recommend these to anyone who loves a liquid lipstick – you won’t be disappointed!

| My Opinion On Popular Beauty Trends |


As a beauty & fashion blogger I’m always keeping up with the latest trends & that’s just because I’m Googling them – the gift of social media channels such as Instagram is that you’re always in-tune with the latest trends whether you want to be or not. I for one am a sucker for trends so I thought it would make quite a cool post if I talked about my opinion on the latest beauty trends. So here’s a round-up of the trends that I’ve been noticing lately & what I really thought of them: 

Plaited & Wavy Brows
I mean, come on man! What is happening to the beauty world?! If anyone has spied these two trends then I’m sure you almost spat out your drink like I did. Instagram has been known to feature the newest beauty trends but this new brow trend takes the biscuit. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of coming across these new brow trends I’ll give you the low down – there’s the plaited eyebrow trend which involves using the power of makeup & illusion to make it look like you have plaited your eyebrows just like you would with your hair. On the other side is the more popular wavy eyebrow trend which involves, yes you guessed it, making your eyebrows look like two waves on your face. For those of you who haven’t came across this new fad then I ask you to please Google them – you’ll be glad that you did. The long and short of it is that I for one will be sticking to normal looking eyebrows without waves & plaits because quite frankly, this is just one Instagram trend too far for me.

Pink Eyeshadow
Any lady who has Instagram or follows beauty vloggers on YouTube will have seen a hell of a lot of pink eye shadow on a whole lot of eye lids as it’s been everywhere for what seems like the longest time. The craze was made even bigger after the beautiful Huda Beauty released her Rose Gold palette which completely blew up the pink eye shadow trend. I personally don’t suit pink eye shadow or perhaps I’m just not that gifted at making it work for me like other ladies can. I also tend to shy away from colours that aren’t in the neutral family because quite frankly I’m just not that daring & I like ‘boring’ colours in every area of my life. But while pink eye shadow isn’t a trend I see myself adopting, I have seen some of my fellow ladies pull off some stunning eye shadow looks that look just beautiful on them. So if you have the balls to put on pink eye shadow & rock it – you go girl!

Blinding highlight
Now I absolutely love a good highlight. It makes my skin come to life, makes me look healthy & brings my makeup look together beautifully. I’ve been an advocate of a good highlight since the age of 17, long before the highlight trend kicked off, but lately with every browse of Instagram I see several photos of ladies with a blinding highlight & in my opinion, it’s just gone too far. Maybe I’m a little old-fashioned with my makeup, but I feel like when a highlight is THAT blinding it just looks overdone & makes the rest of the makeup look heavy. I know that a lot of ladies will be horrified at these words coming out of my mouth but that won’t change my opinion – I love a poppin’ highlight but I don’t want to be blinded by your cheekbones either.

Hella’ Long Stiletto Nails
So this isn’t exactly a new trend as it’s been around for a little while but it’s a big trend so I thought I’d mention it. What girl doesn’t love getting her nails done – there’s nothing better than looking down at your hands & pausing to admire how good they look because your nails are looking fresh! (I say this as I look down at my own hands & spy 3 chipped nails because I didn’t get them done this month – heartbreaking!) When it comes to long stiletto nails & my opinion on them – quite frankly I’m jealous of the ladies who can pull them off. I was born with long, slim fingers and when you add long, pointy nails to that equation it leaves my hands looking rather witchy which, as you can imagine, isn’t my favourite look. I’m not such a fan of stiletto nails that are so long that they add another finger length, but when they’re just the right length – they’re pretty damn cool & I envy those of you who can rock them!

Using Silicone to Blend Foundation
Here’s another trend that has taken the biscuit – silicon foundation blenders. Who decided to take the chicken fillet out of their bra & use it to blend their foundation!? Now I have heard that it is a good tool for blending foundation & I haven’t tried it so I won’t slate what I haven’t tried. But I just don’t see what’s wrong with using a beauty blender or a brush? Why do we need to fix what isn’t broken & bring unusual objects into the mix?

What trends have you noticed lately & what did you think of them?

| Current Beauty Favourites |


We all love discovering new, amazing products & lately I’ve purchased a few products that quickly made it into my beauty favourites so I just had to share them with you. Here is what I’m loving at the moment: 


Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara

When it comes to mascara I am not the fussiest lady in the world as I am lucky enough to be blessed with super long lashes (thanks mum & dad!) but while I may not need intense lengthening, I do want my mascara to not transfer or crumble, to volumise my lashes, to make them super black & to be easily removed at the end of the day. I’ve got to say that this mascara from Essence does all of those things while being incredibly affordable. I initially bought this mascara in waterproof (the blue tube) but my word; it is THEE most difficult mascara to remove. I don’t know what the hell they put in it to make it near impossible to take off!  I was literally tugging at my eyes to try & get it off & we all know that tugging causing wrinkles & I don’t know about you, but I am not about to give myself wrinkles over a stubborn mascara. However, this non-waterproof version comes off easily at the end of the day & it lengthens & volumises my lashes without clumping, transferring or crumbling. At R60 this affordable mascara is most definitely worth a shot!


Mac Whirl Lipliner

Recently I’ve been wearing this lip liner more often after having neglecting it for a little while. My favourite way to wear it recently has been on its own with just a little lip balm underneath. It gives a gorgeous natural lip with a slight brown tinge that is so easy to wear with a bunch of different makeup looks. I know that with summer fast approaching that I’ll continue to get a lot of use out of this lip liner as I find that these brownish-nude shades suit me more when I have that tanned summer glow.


The Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

You guys know that I’m always going on about my dry skin and you’re no doubt bored of hearing about it by now but this mask has been a nice little addition to my skincare routine for dry skin. Recently I’ve been applying this mask to my skin on the days when my skin feels like it needs some dry skin healing. In honesty, I don’t see any difference in regards to plumping my skin but when you’re in your 20s can you really expect your skin to be more plumped when ageing hasn’t kicked in yet? I’m not so sure! I instead like this mask for how delightful it feels on my skin & how delicious it smells. It’s a 10 minute mask so it’s a super quick mask (perfect for ladies who don’t have a lot of time to spare) & it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed & hydrated & I’ve found that it makes moisturiser apply in a much nicer way afterwards. Any mask that makes my skin more hydrated gets a thumbs up from me!



Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

I absolutely love this product from Becca! It is a light salmon-pink shade corrector that I use under or over my concealer to brighten up my under-eyes. This product does such a perfect job of giving me that bright-eyed look & who doesn’t love bright under-eyes?! I will say that this corrector has a tacky texture that can crease if not set so I always recommend setting it with powder to avoid this. It also comes with quite the price tag for a corrector but it is so worth it if you’re always trying to perfect that bright & luminous under eye. I’ve even had someone say to me ‘wow you’re so bright-eyed & luminous today’ & when someone says that – you know that this product works!


L.A Girl Pro Coverage Foundation

I know, I know, I bought into the hype! But when the beauty community is raving about a foundation that is a dupe for the infamous Makeup Forever HD Foundation – I’m obviously going to try it. I’ve been using this foundation every day for almost two months and I’ve got to say I love it. I picked up the shade Natural & while it was a little dark for me over the winter months (nothing a little bronzer on the neck & décolleté can’t fix), with summer coming I’ll be able to wear this shade a lot more easily. Unfortunately their shade range is quite limited so I’ve got to work with what LA Girl give me! This product is so lightweight yet offers a high coverage with a dewy finish. I’ve found that I absolutely must set it with a powder otherwise it will move so it may be a more difficult foundation to wear for all my oily skin girls out there. But for the incredibly affordable price tag that this foundation comes with – it’s an amazing foundation that I’ll continue to keep in my makeup collection.



Nu Skin Polishing Peel

I had previously mentioned this peel in my skincare haul so I’ll try to keep this as short as I can. If you have ever been for a microdermabrasion you know how painful it can be and how raw it can leave your skin. I had to try this product after it claimed to do the exact same thing as a microdermabrasion at home without being as harsh – and I’ve got to say, I love it. I began using it twice per week and after a few weeks I cut that down to just once per week. It’s such a strange product in that you apply it on your skin like a mask, let it dry for about 30 seconds & then you rub your skin in circular motions & watch all the dead skin cells & the crap from your skin fall into the bathroom sink – it’s so oddly satisfying. And holy moly did it leave my skin so soft & smooth! I even had my lovely boyfriend try it out as he loves a good scrub & he loves it & wants one of his own! I’d really recommend this product to anyone who loves their skin to be super soft, exfoliated & free of dead skin & let’s be honest – who doesn’t want that! I’ve been able to offer this product with a 35% discount so if you’d like to get your hands on it, just pop me a message & I’ll hook you up!

What are your current beauty favourites?

| Updated Skincare Regime |


As you will have all learned by now I am a complete skincare junkie. I am always looking for the next best thing so that my skin can reach it’s full potential. 

You may remember a few months ago I posted my skincare routine. Unfortunately since that post I’ve been forced to change this routine as the natural oils were causing me to break out quite badly. So the search began again for the perfect skincare routine & after hearing about a brand called Nu Skin I did a little shopping & posted it in a skincare haul. I just wanted to give you all a little update on these products & what I think of them. 

Holy moly! I am blown away by Nu Skin & how awesome their products are. Since moving my skincare routine to this brand my skin has never been better, seriously! I have had no break outs at all (even around my time of the month which is a big thing for me!) & my skin looks healthy, glowing & most importantly – hydrated. I have completely cut out all of the previous products I was using (apart from the Simple Toner & face masks which I will use until they’re finished) and now my skincare routine is such a pleasure. I have also since bought a few more products from Nu Skin (coming to the blog soon) & I’ve yet to try a product from them that I don’t love. Unfortunately for my bank account my wish list is just growing longer & longer!

One big thing that I like about Nu Skin is their variety of pricing. Some of their products have high-end prices while they also have a whole host of products at incredibly affordable prices. I did a little research on their more affordable Nutricentials range as I wanted to know if they are full of bad ingredients & that is the reason for their lower prices but I found that they are of no less quality as they are still packed with great ingredients!

Basically, for any lady or gentleman who loves skincare & who is always looking for great brands – try this one. You won’t regret it! I’ve also been able to offer anyone who would like to try any products from Nu Skin a 35% discount on their entire product range so just get in touch with me to take advantage of this!


| My Top Favourite Blushes |


Every woman loves a dusting of blusher across the apples of her cheeks for that healthy flush of colour. I for one just cannot finish a makeup look without applying one of my favourite blush shades to make everything come together effortlessly.

After the popularity of my post The Best of the Best Highlighters, I thought it would be the perfectly opportunity to talk about my favourite blushes from my collection & why I love them. 


Sleek Blush Trio in Lace

This photo really doesn’t do these colours any justice – the blush shades in this trio are some of the brightest shades I’ve ever seen & they look really quite intimidating in real life. I bought this trio a few years ago & to be perfectly honest with you, it was unloved for quite some time until I pulled it out in the past few months & completely fell in love with it. Sleek blushes are  mind-blowingly pigmented so user be warned, USE A LIGHT HAND, because no-one wants to look like Coco the Clown! The orange shade (on the left) is perfect for summer & looks simply stunning paired with a gold-toned makeup look. The middle shade is a stunning rose shade with very fine gold shimmers which are in no way glittery (thankfully as glitter & I just don’t get along.) It is an incredibly versatile shade & is also very close dupe to the ever popular Nars Orgasm blush. Unfortunately the dark red/orange shade in this trio hasn’t been given quite as much love as the other two as I find this shade quite intimidating so I just don’t reach for it very often.  On a final note I’d also like to mention that Sleek is also one of the few cruelty free makeup brands on the high-street & I felt that this was important to mention as many people wouldn’t know this information about their company. Well done Sleek for making the world a more animal-friendly place!


Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Sugar & Spice

Makeup Revolution are a fantastic UK brand that sell some of the best palettes I have ever tried & their blush palettes are incredible. On a side note I will however mention that their packaging SUCKS & out of the 8 Makeup Revolution palettes, only 2 of them haven’t broken apart at the hinges so just be prepared for that. This particular palette features a variety of pink shades as well as a highlighter & a shimmery blush. I don’t use the highlighter or the shimmery blush because they just aren’t to my taste but the blushes are fantastic. They’re very pigmented so makeup sure to be careful & start with a light hand & build from there if needed. These palettes retail for only £6 so they are an absolute bargain, especially when they give you such a range of colours to choose from!


Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Hot Spice

Yet another favourite Makeup Revolution palette! If I had to choose between this palette & the previous one, I would opt for Hot Spice because I absolutely love peachy toned blushes & also because I find I can use every single shade in this palette. This palette is an absolute delight with a range of peach shades as well as a shimmery blush & a highlight. The blushes in this palette are pigmented & easy to blend & because of the assortment of shades, these blushes can be worn by most skin tones all year round. I just cannot recommend this palette enough & you won’t be sorry that you picked it up if you are a peach blush lover like me.


Arbonne Blush in Blossom & in Apricot

What can I say, Arbonne make nice blushes & you can clearly see just how much I love them as I have hit pan on Blossom (left).  Blossom is a beautiful mid toned pink with gold shimmers & is yet another dupe for the cult favourite Nars Orgasm blush (are you noticing a pattern here!?) I find that I reach for this shade often as it goes with any makeup look & it gives a natural flush to my cheeks. On the right is the shade Apricot. I don’t reach for this shade as often as Blossom but it is a beautiful blush all the same. This is very much a light orange shade with very light shimmers through it so I only tend to wear it in summer when I have a bit of a tan as it looks better on tanned, glowing skin. Both of these blushes are pigmented & incredibly blendable & I will be sad to see Blossom go when I completely use it up!

What are your favourite blushes?

| Skincare Haul |


I was introduced to Nu Skin in April by a good friend of mine who raved about the brand so I decided that I would try some of their products to see what the fuss was about & holy heck, I’m impressed! Nu Skin are a direct selling company who offer a wide range of products from Anti-ageing skincare to supplements to whitening toothpaste & they have prices that range from extremely affordable to a little more on the pricey side so there really is something for everyone. I placed an order with them and within about 4 days my products were at my door – that’s not bad by South African delivery standards! 

I have been using these products for about a month because I wanted to be able to give you mini reviews on each of the products as well rather than just telling you all what I bought. So let’s get started!


Hand Lotion 

I have never been good at applying hand lotion. It’s one of those things that I just always seem to forget about. Winter in South Africa is something completely different to winter in Ireland & my skin has been suffering a level of dryness I’ve never experienced before – including the skin on my hands. I hate it when a hand cream leaves my hands greasy & unable to do anything for 10 minutes but this hand cream absorbs almost instantly & leaves my hands soft & hydrated without leaving any greasy residue behind afterwards. It also comes in a large 125ml tube which means that this baby will be lasting me throughout the winter period!


NaPCA Moisture Mist

I bought this product so that I could give my skin needed a moisture boosts throughout the day & also because it is an incredibly affordable product. After using this product I have quickly fallen in love with it. This product claims to:

Increase moisture level, protect against damaging effect of environmental influences & is a static-fighter for your hair

I haven’t tried this to fight static for my hair as thankfully it isn’t something that I have to deal with so I cannot give you my verdict on that. I have however used this product both on it’s own in the morning & I have also used it post-moisturiser & throughout the day for an extra blast of moisture. This is a light moisturiser so is great for oily skins however if you’re a dry skin girl I don’t think it’s heavy enough to wear on it’s own but it’s perfect for keeping you hydrated throughout the day. It also contains hyaluronic acid which is fantastic for helping to bind moisture to your skin for long-lasting hydration. I know I’ll be taking this with me on my flight to Italy next month to keep that horrid dry air from drying out my skin & I’ll also be using it while on holiday to keep in the fridge & spritz throughout the day. For the R100 or so Rand I paid for it – it’s an absolute hand-bag essential!


Moisture Restore Day Protective Lotion – Normal to Dry Skin

Honestly, when this moisturiser arrived I was surprised at how small the bottle was & I then had a further surprise when I applied the product for the first time. When I pumped a full pump onto the palm of my hand I thought that I would need an extra pump to cover my face with adequate moisture. However, this product spreads easily & effortlessly & I was able to cover my face effortlessly which was a happy surprise. I am the girl to test the power of any moisturiser & I was delighted to find that this moisturiser left my skin hydrated all day without feeling heavy or greasy & without getting oily later in the day. A great purchase!


Polishing Peel Skin Refinisher 

This product is so unique & I have never tried a product anything like this one before! Nu Skin claim that this product is:

‘Clinically proven to be equivalent to a professional microdermabrasion session, Polishing Peel features Pumpkin Enzymes to resurface, soften and polish the skin and Bentonite Clay to remove dull skin cells and toxins.’

So I have never been for a microdermabrasion but I love the results of this product. You apply it on dry skin & leave it for approximately 30 seconds before massaging your skin until the product gathers into little ‘shavings’. It feels very strange at first but once you’re finished & you’ve washed off the excess your skin will feel so soft & will have a pretty glow. If you have sensitive skin I worry it may be a little too much because of the rubbing motion but for everyone else I absolutely recommend this as a twice a week treatment to get rid of all those old skin cells & to make your skin glow like crazy. Not to mention it’s a fun treatment to do!


Rejuvenating Cream 

Nu Skin have several different moisturisers to choose from so I found it difficult to decide which one I wanted as my night cream but I decided on this on little beauty as it’s description sounded pretty impressive:

 ‘Drenches skin in soothing moisture–improving its moisture-binding capability with the hydrating powers of hyaluronic acid and helping prevent water loss. Daily use not only restores moisture, it helps keep dryness from returning.’

You guys will know I am always rattling on about my dry skin so any product that can keep dryness from returning is one I am going to try. I was obsessed with The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream before I tried this but now it has been replaced with this little beauty. This cream feels so light but leaves my skin looking & feeling incredibly moisturised. It just makes my skin look so healthy & my skin still feels hydrated the next morning. If, like me, your skin needs moisture but breaks out when a moisturiser is too heavy, this is an absolute god-send. This is most definitely a new holy grail & I’m not surprised this is one of Nu Skin’s most popular products!


Pharmanex Tegreen 97 Capsules

I know this doesn’t count as skincare but I wanted to talk about it in this post anyway. I am so bad at taking supplements. I know I should take them daily but honestly, I just never remember. Green tea is well known across the world for having immense health benefits & for a while I was trying my best to drink it every day. The problem was, I’m not the biggest fan of the taste & I’d much rather have a cup of regular English tea. Then I discovered these Tegreen capsules. Within each capsule (which is taken daily) is the equivalent of 7 cups of green tea! I know it’s cheating but it’s an affordable & very easy way to cheat so i’ll take it! Green tea helps with bloating & around my time of the month I bloat like crazy but these little beauties have reduced my bloating drastically. I have also felt so much better since I added these into my daily routine & my energy levels have improved. A little tip from me – If, like me, you’re not very good at remembering to take supplements pop them into your handbag & you’ll never forget to take them!

If you’d like to get 35% off all Nu Skin products just get in touch with me & I’ll hook a girl up!



| My Best of the Best Highlighters |



I have been obsessed with highlighters for many years, in fact long before the highlighter trend really kicked off.  Why? Because highlighters do absolute wonders for your skin in making it look healthy & making you look like a glowing goddess.

Over the years I have tried a ton of different highlighters some which I absolutely hated (the glittery ones that make you look like a disco ball) & some which I have absolutely loved. With the growing trend of a popping highlight, a trend which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to talk about my favourite highlighting products.


Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

To this day I still cannot understand why Makeup Revolution has marketed this as a blush palette because to me these really aren’t blush shades (unless you want to glow from every single inch of your face of course). In my eyes this is most definitely a highlighting palette & a good one at that. I don’t use all of the shades in this palette such as the white because I am just not a fan of pure white highlighters in fear of having that obvious, solid line of highlight – it’s just not a pretty look. My favourite shades from this palette are the mauve shade (bottom row, 2nd shade from the left) & the bronze shade (bottom row, 2nd from right) as these shades give a more bold, popping highlight. In true Makeup Revolution style, the shades in this palette are pigmented & the range of shades caters to those who like a poppin’ highlight & also to those who prefer a more subtle glow.


MUA Undress Your Skin (original pink shade)

MUA is a fantastic inexpensive brand in the UK & they make really great highlighters. If you haven’t tried any of their highlighters before & you have access to their products, please go out & buy some.  This was the first highlight shade that MUA came out with & was the first one I ever bought. I don’t wear light pink highlighting shades quite as often but when I do I reach for this shade. It’s easy to blend, doesn’t look powdery & it’s pigmented. A great shade for lighter skin tones!


MUA Undress Your Skin in Opalescent Amber

Out of the three MUA highlighters I own this is my ultimate favourite (which is why I’ve almost hit pan). The shade of this highlighter looks a little intimidating in the pan but I promise you it looks so beautiful on the skin. It is such a pigmented colour that blends so effortlessly into your skin & looks stunning with a peach blush. For £5…it’s an absolute steal & compares with a lot of the high-end brands!


Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm

I’ve mentioned this highlighter before in my The Products I can Trust post as it is my ultimate, holy grail highlighter. You could take every other highlighter I own away from me if you just leave this one because I cannot be without my Mary-Lou. It is a beautiful light gold shade that comes in a large pan meaning that you get a lot of bang for your buck – I use this highlight at least three times a week & it still looks brand new! Whenever I go travelling this is the only highlighter I take with me because it goes with every single makeup look & gives my cheekbones a seriously poppin’ highlight.


Topshop Glow in Gleam

It’s rare that I love a cream highlight because almost all of the product do not apply well, or look nice over foundation. I previously mentioned this product in my Current Beauty Favourites & even after a few months it’s still a firm favourite. I don’t wear this product quite as much now that it’s winter but when summer comes around again I know I’ll be pulling this baby out more often. It’s a beautiful bronze shade that looks stunning with tanned skin & if you apply a little extra you get a hell of a popping highlight too!


MAC Strobe Cream

Last but not least is the infamous MAC Strobe Cream. I bought mine in the travel version as the large tube is relatively pricey & I wanted to test this product before I bought the full size version. This is one of MAC’s cult products & I can understand why! Strobe Cream moisturises the skin while the iridescent particles contained inside reflect light & make your skin glow in a subtle & natural way. My favourite way to use this product is before I apply my foundation to give my skin a more glowy finish without disturbing my foundation . Another of my favourite uses for this product is to apply all over my face when I’m not wearing makeup, e.g. on the beach, because it stops my skin looking dull & lifeless.

I’m always on the hunt for the next best highlighter – what are your favourites?

| May Empties |


Another month has passed & I’m pleased to say I used up a few more products within the month of May. As a beauty fanatic, I get a satisfied feeling when I finish products because let’s be honest, beauty fanatics can be boarder-line hoarders with many more products than we need. I enjoy Empties posts as it gives me a chance to tell you about a bunch of different products that I have used long enough to finish them, what I thought of them & if I would recommend/repurchase them again. So let’s get started!

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Dark

Now that it’s winter in South Africa I haven’t been able to get outside & catch some rays as often as I’d like as, believe it or not, it does get cold here (well compared to the 20-30 degree heat we’re used to.) Due to this lack of sun-bathing I’ve watched my skin get lighter & lighter, & every avid self tanner knows that life is just better with a tan so I’ve found myself applying fake tan about once a week to keep my pale skin at bay. Bondi Sands is my go-to self tanner since it launched in the UK a few years ago & I’ve spoken about it before in a little more detail in my The Products I Can Trust post.  It gives me such a beautiful dark colour that applies easily & has a streak free finish (provided that you blend it properly of course). It also smells of coconut which I LOVE although I will warn you that you will still smell that infamous fake tan ‘biscuit’ smell within about 1-2 hours of application. One thing I will also note is that it hasn’t been wearing as long as once did & I’ve been finding that after about 4-5 days the tan has faded so Bondi Sands may have changed up the formula . These things aside I would highly recommend this tan & it is why I have repurchased it religiously for several years.  I’m actually a little sad that I finished another bottle this month as it means I only have one bottle left from my UK stash so I’m going to have to find a new favourite self tanner out here in SA – if any lovely ladies have any recommendations for a great tan that I can buy here please let me know!

The Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory

With it being winter I’ve found that I just cannot go without applying a body moisturiser as my skin feels tight, dry & itchy without it but in the month of May The Righteous Butter was an absolute saviour for me. Soap & Glory are well known for their delicious smelling products & this body butter is no exception. The Righteous Butter contains Soap & Glory’s Original Pink fragrance which is described as: ‘leafy greens, bergamot and mandarin, with a floral & fruity middle note followed by soft, sexy, musk, oakmoss, amber and woody notes.’ Basically it contains all the scents I love & smells delightfully feminine. I have previously spoken about Soap & Glory moisturisers in my April Empties where I mentioned that I much prefer their butters over their lotions because the butters are so thick & moisturising. You can literally feel the moisture in your skin at the end of the day. Soap & Glory can be a little pricier than some of their high street competitors but in my opinion, for a big 300ml tub of good quality moisturiser,  I think £10 is a pretty reasonable price. I would recommend this product to anyone who loves feminine scented products & has dry skin.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream

I had purchased this product off an online beauty discount store a while back & after a little research I have found that this product is no longer for sale in The Body Shop so I do apologise & I won’t talk about it too much for that reason. This moisturiser isn’t as moisturising as the regular Vitamin E moisturiser from The Body Shop & I found that I had to apply more product than I normally would to ensure that my skin was sufficiently moisturised. This product contains a pink iridescence which gives that ‘illuminated look’ which I did love for making my skin look healthy & glowy. It’s so unfortunate that The Body Shop discontinued this product as it would have been perfect for the glowing skin trend that is everywhere these days.

Rimmel Kate Salon Pro nail polish in 237 Soul Session

This polish has unfortunately gotten to the gloopy, almost empty stage of its life & I just don’t want to fight with it so it’s just got to go. This was a beautiful polish & it has been my favourite polish shade from the time I bought it as it is the most perfect shade of pinkish nude that I can imagine would suit every skin tone. It wore as well as a nail polish can & it was easy to apply a streak free finish – which isn’t always the case with light nude shades. I used this shade both as an all-over nail colour & also for a slightly different French nail. I would most certainly recommend this nail polish & I will be repurchasing it again.